Disc: Disc 1.4

The Southwest: Zion and Canyon de Chelly

  Episode 10

The American Southwest: geological time machines full of bizarre and beautiful rock formations that are the result of eons of erosion. In Utah’s Zion National Park, Art explores surreal slot canyons carved from wind and water and encounters the strange rock spires that punctuate the landscape like giant exclamation points. In Arizona’s Canyon de Chelly, he rides on horseback with a Navajo guide to discover petroglyphs hidden in tribal lands – truly a photographer’s playground.  Explore this episode »

India: Allahabad and Varanasi

  Episode 11

Allahabad and Varanasi are India’s holiest river towns. Allahabad hosts the largest religious gathering on the planet at the confluence of its sacred rivers. Art joins nearly 20 million pilgrims for a dip in the Ganges and captures images of Hindu holy men – ascetics – who have renounced all worldly pursuits. Downstream, in ancient Varanasi, the sacred and the ordinary meet in a swirl of color, fire and ritual. Hindus strive to visit this spiritual epicenter at least once in their lives to bathe in the Ganges and cleanse their karma.  Explore this episode »

The Southern Ocean: South Georgia Island

  Episode 12

Lying between wind-ravaged Cape Horn and Antarctica, South Georgia Island is an icy oasis with an abundance of wildlife. Stunningly beautiful and rugged, this island sanctuary protects thousands of sea birds and marine mammals. Art returns to his favorite place on earth to explore its emerald bays and fjords and visit colonies of king penguins, wandering albatross and elephant seals.  Explore this episode »

Ethiopia: The Omo Valley

  Episode 13

Ethiopia is like no other place in Africa. Some of the isolated animist tribes who have lived there for centuries are still unaware that they reside in a country called Ethiopia. In this episode, Art ventures into the Omo Valley, Ethiopia’s nearly inaccessible and richest tribal zone. After enduring muddy, impassable roads and swollen rivers, he makes his way to the Hamer, Karo and remote Surma tribes. He documents the tribes’ unique body painting, elaborate adornments and timeless ceremonies.  Explore this episode »

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