Continent: North America

Alaska: Glacier Bay

  Episode 2

The beautiful, protected waters in southeast Alaska are filled with islands and bays rich with wildlife. The concentration of diversity in this secluded environment is remarkable. Art goes by boat on a voyage of discovery, encountering dramatic calving glaciers and Sitka forests, breaching orcas and migrating humpbacks, eagles and barnacle-eating bears.  Explore this episode »

The Southwest: Zion and Canyon de Chelly

  Episode 10

The American Southwest: geological time machines full of bizarre and beautiful rock formations that are the result of eons of erosion. In Utah’s Zion National Park, Art explores surreal slot canyons carved from wind and water and encounters the strange rock spires that punctuate the landscape like giant exclamation points. In Arizona’s Canyon de Chelly, he rides on horseback with a Navajo guide to discover petroglyphs hidden in tribal lands – truly a photographer’s playground.  Explore this episode »

Alaska: Katmai Coast

  Episode 4

The remote Katmai Coast is the largest intact stretch of uninhabited coastline remaining in North America. Art takes advantage of the long days of Alaska’s short summer in Katmai National Park, spending time with the largest population of grizzly bears in the world. Joined by bear biologists, he gets up close and personal with Ursus arctos to provide a fresh look at the behavior of these powerful predators in the wild.  Explore this episode »

Alaska: Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

  Episode 6

America’s Serengeti? Wilderness or wasteland? Art rafts down the icy Kongakut river to document America’s last untamed wilderness. He chronicles the desolate, yet abundant beauty of the tundra and the rugged landscapes of the Brooks Range. He turns his lens on the delicate birds and animals for which the Refuge is a vital habitat and intersects the great Porcupine caribou herd on its annual migration to the coastal plain.  Explore this episode »

Mexico: Baja

  Episode 9

Both an ocean oasis and isolated desert, the northern part of the narrow Baja peninsula is home to a surprising variety of plant and animal life. In episode nine, after a voyage on the Sea of Cortez in search of migrating gray whales, Art Wolfe ventures inland through the unforgiving Catavina desert and discovers a photographer’s playground of light and magical landscapes.  Explore this episode »